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About Me

There are many forms of intimacy, but I personally believe that there is nothing more intimate than kink.


It requires a great deal of trust, creativity and communication, all qualities that I pride myself on.


Though I am lifestyle Domme, I don't conform to the traditional aspects of female domination, except in one aspect; I am always the dominant partner, and am not a "switch" by any stretch of the imagination. I prefer the terms"dominant darling" or "kinkster"...a dominant GFE if you will.


I have the capability to make you feel small, safe and understood, while simultaneously making you feel weak and insignificant. It's a rather easy thing for me to bring you to your knees, whether it's with my articulate language skills, quick wit and a smooth, calm but assertive voice, or my extensive MMA skills (I have 8 years of experience in Muay Thai, boxing, Kali illustromo, catch wrestling and 4 years of jiujitsu, in which I'm still actively competing), to physically force you to bow, if necessary.


I'm a very open-minded and insightful individual, and enjoy most forms of domination...there are very few things that I will refuse to indulge, as long as there is consent from all parties.


New to kink, but have a keen interest to explore and learn? That's perfectly fine! I adore teaching newbies.


All genders and races are welcome, and I await your approach, pet...


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