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Q: How do I set up a date with you?

A:  Fill out my contact form, and let's set something up!


Q: Do you offer bookings shorter than 2 hours?

A: No, not anymore. 


Q: How do you choose clients?

A:  I choose applicants by the thoroughness of their answers; I simply connect  with clients who are thoughtful and have a willingness to communicate...makes our time together that much more intimate.


Q: Are you available for same day/last minute bookings?

A:  Yes, but only dates 4 hours or more with less than 24 hours notice.


Q: Is the deposit mandatory?

A:  Yes; 30% deposit is required for all bookings to hold clients accountable.


 Q: What can I expect during our time together?

A:  I'm very much an open and extroverted, bubbly type of personality! I'm         particular with who I choose to spend time with, and I only accept bookings          with those who I feel I will have an organic connection with. 

 I like to start my dates with a meal or a drink (even if it's just tea or coffee), get      to know each other and have a few laughs; I believe this is very important for        establishing a connection and breaking the ice. It helps to strengthen and deepen    our connection when we take the time to know each other as humans before we      get to know each other as, well, animals...hehe

Q: When will you be visiting my city?

A: I do not tour, but if you really want me to come to you, let's book a FMTY      appointment or make a plan for you to come see me!

Q: What fetishes are you into?

A:  MANY! There are very few that I won't indulge.

 Q: What are your "stats"?

A:  I am 5 ft 2 in height, with a toned and athletic build, but a very petite dress        size 2. My weight is approximately 124 lbs (less if I have a competition coming      up) I have a few medium tattoos, and ear piercings.

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